The Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers

The Professional Association of Judicial Officers

Affiliated to Union Internationale des Huissiers de Justice et Officiers Judiciaires

Applications for Commission

All Sheriff Officers and Messengers-at-Arms must obtain their commission from the courts.  Please find below details of current applications for commissions.

 8 November 2019.

APPLICATION by Bryan McNamara

NOTICE is hereby given that application has been made to the Sheriff Principal of Grampian Highlands and Islands at Inverness by Name Bryan McNamara for a commission as a Sheriff Officer in the Sheriffdom of Grampian Highland and Islands.The Sheriff Principal, by interlocutor dated 4th November 2019 ordered any person who wishes to object to the application of Bryan McNamara to lodge answers to the application with the Sheriff Clerk, The Castle, Inverness, IV2 3EG within thirty days from the date of this notice.

Solicitor of Applicant
Campbell Deane
Bannatyne, Kirkwood France & Co.,
16 Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow, G1 3AG